Emirati families to showcase their products in special Dubai exhibition for Year of the 50th – Gulf News

The families will rotate shifts in the exhibition divided between by 10-15 families
Dubai: Coinciding with the UAE 50th National Day celebrations, the Ministry of Community Development is organizing an exhibition of Emirati productive families Bin Souqat Centre in Dubai, from early November until December 11.
The 50 Emirati productive families from youth, senior citizens, people of determination, social security beneficiaries will display many productive goods such as handicrafts, perfumes, dukhoon i.e. scented perfume, printed items and artworks, as well as other Emirati products made especially on the occasion of National Day.
The families will rotate shifts in the exhibition divided between by 10-15 families every 10 days bringing together 50 Emirati productive families by the end of the national day celebrations.
The exhibition comes as part of societal partnership and community responsibility and within the ministry’s efforts to improve the role of Emirati families and promote the vision of “welfare to development”; thus, encouraging different community members to contribute positively and effectively and enhance their role in achieving economic stability by creating alternative sources of income.
The Ministry of Community Development supports more than 2,860 Emirati Productive Families as part of “Al Sanaa” project for productive families enabling them to exploit their energies and talents in production, work, competition and creativity. The Ministry also seeks to diversify family rehabilitation and training programs, intensify stalls and marketing outlets to achieve the best supportive promotion of their home and micro products.

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