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Tuesday, Dec 07, 2021 | Jumada Al-Uola 3, 1443
Published: Fri 3 Dec 2021, 9:28 AM
Last updated: Fri 3 Dec 2021, 9:30 AM
Emirati businessmen and entrepreneurs have hailed the country’s progress over the past 50 years and hoped that the UAE will set new benchmarks and establish new global standards next 50 years.
To ensure sustainable growth of the country for the next 50 years, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched UAE Centennial Plan 2071 – a long-term, full-vision plan for the long-term government work, to fortify the country’s reputation and its soft power.
Salauddin Abdul Jalil, chief operating officer of The New Store LLC, said the 50 years journey that was envisioned by the country’s fathers put the UAE at the forefront in every aspect.
“Such generosity continues to be reflected in the great leaders of our country, actively supporting and participating in the nation’s growth each and every day. We stand proud of our Emirati youth who are fully geared up, actively contributing to our better future. Reaching Mars and hosting Expo 2020 are prime testimony of our country’s visionary leadership. Winning COP28 is in line with UAE’s firm belief that climate action is a must and an opportunity to achieve sustainable economic growth and save the world for generations to come,” said AbdulJalil.
Khalid Humaid Bin Diban Al Falasi, CEO of Union Coop, said the UAE is not just regional but a global economic hotspot where the East meets the West.
“We, as a progressive nation, have displayed political, economic, cultural and diplomatic openness and tolerance, which helped us build strategic alliances all over the world. It is just a beginning for the greater things to come,” he said.
Tawhid Abdullah, chairman, Dubai Jewellery Group, stated that the UAE has emerged as an international hub of business, tourism and cultural exchange in a short span of time, which is a testimony of the hard work of the country’s leadership.
Ahmad Alkhallafi, managing director at HPE UAE, said the UAE is developing the most technologically advanced infrastructure and its significant investments in human development have turned the country into one of the fastest developing nations in the world.
“Creating and maintaining a sustainable environment and infrastructure were the key pillars of the National Agenda in line with Vision 2021,” added Alkhallafi.
Mohammad A. Baker, deputy chairman and CEO of GMG, said thanks to a clear direction set out by the founding fathers of the nation, the UAE is celebrated worldwide for its diversity, tolerance, and opportunity.
“These attributes and others have made the UAE a global hub for the exchange of ideas and knowledge in an increasingly connected world. Despite these many achievements, the UAE is a nation with its vision set on the future. Ambitious sustainable development goals are complemented by a commitment to nurturing happiness and positive lifestyles throughout the society,” he added.
Arch. Abdulla Al Abdooli, CEO of Marjan, said this nation’s journey has been defined by several first initiatives such as the long-term visas that recognise exceptional talent.
“The nation’s forward-looking policies and decisive actions had a profound positive influence in welcoming international investors. Moving forward, policies such as the Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative and the Operation 300bn strategy will drive the sustainable progress of the nation in the lead up to its Centennial,” Al Abdooli added.
Amna Al Mutawa, governor of inclusion, safeguarding and child protection at The Indian Academy, said since the UAE’s formation, the country has witnessed tremendous growth especially in the field of education and healthcare.
“The UAE’s rapid economic development has significantly contributed to promoting the status of UAE citizens, in particular women. The nation has seen pioneering developments that have garnered worldwide attention and I expect to see UAE become one of the best countries in the world,” she said.
Mohammad Badri, director at Eros Group, said: “As an Emirati, I’m proud to be a citizen and part of this nation’s glorious journey. We have seen how the UAE leaders’ unique vision and ambitious growth plan have put the country on a global map. Today, we are the country of the future that is culturally diverse, and technologically and infrastructurally advanced. We have progressed so much in the past few years – bringing various reforms, initiatives that improve the safety and quality of life of both citizens and expats.”
At a time when most countries are still struggling to cope with the effects of the pandemic, he said, the UAE has once again proved that anything is possible. “This is only because it is driven by our leaders’ constant vision in creating and achieving a better world and future for everyone.”
Badri said: “What we will see in the next 50 years is a further transformation in the technology, AI and SME space, making the country a prime destination to live and work. We would like to congratulate the leaders on the 50th anniversary and big thank you for giving us this opportunity to be part of this amazing journey and future.”
Ahmad Alkhallafi noted that the achievements of the last 50 years and the vision for the next 50 years are drawn by the country’s wise leadership through many initiatives and projects.
“With the opening of the world’s first HPE Digital Life Garage last year in Dubai, we have reiterated our commitment to the country under UAE Centennial Plan 2071 that is aimed towards the betterment of the communities and society at large by keeping technology in the centre for development,” he added.
Tawhid Abdullah said this country is built on the strong grounds of aspirations, dreams and well-being of its people.
“We foresee a bright future for everyone who chooses UAE to be their home. Our values resonate with cooperation, tolerance and excellence in every aspect of life. These values are helping us to build a sustainable and humane environment for our people to thrive,” he said.
Khalid Humaid Bin Diban Al Falasi said these are interesting times wherein people are experiencing feats like the world’s strongest passport, Hope Probe, driverless cars, space discovery and Dubai Expo among others.
“In the coming 50 years, I know the UAE will set new benchmarks, establish new global standards, making sure that all the residents are part of the success… In the UAE, we have a rich culture that promotes ‘inclusiveness’ which is why we have numerous nationalities who proudly call UAE their ‘home’.
“In the coming years, the UAE will offer further reasons to the world on why it is the perfect global commercial hub,” added Al Falasi.
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