Emirates finds custom-made Apple watch forgotten in Dubai Airport, delivers it to owner in US – Gulf News

Vlogger Casey Own Neistat praises airline for returning his watch in just three days
Dubai: Emirates Airline has won the praise of a US passenger for home-delivering him his custom-made Apple watch that he had forgotten at Dubai International Airport.
Vlogger Casey Own Neistat’s tweet praising the airline for returning his favourite watch in just three days has gone viral.
Neistat, a media personality in the US with two million followers on Twitter, had tweeted on February 7 that he had left the watch at the security desk at Dubai International Airport.
“I left my custom apple watch at security in the @emirates terminal in Dubai. if anyone finds it please gimme a call. i really liked that watch. (my phone number is embroidered under where it says ‘REWARD’) thank you (sic),” his tweet tagging Emirates said.
In three hours, the airline responded to his tweet saying, “Hi Casey. We’re checking on this with our airport team. We’ll let you once we have an update. Feel free to DM us if you need further assistance. Thanks.”
Within the next three hours, it updated Casey about finding his watch. “Found it! We’re working on getting it back to you safely now. :),” Emirates tweeted.
An elated Casey replied: “omg. first they put a shower on an airplane then they find my watch that i lost in the airport. is there nothing this airline can’t do?! (sic).”
On Thursday (February 10) morning, Casey tweeted an image of the watch with an envelope addressed to him and updated.
“3 days ago i left my apple watch at security in the Dubai airport. @emirates airline found the watch, put it on a plane, flew it to California, drove it to my house and handed it to me in an envelope. that was very nice of you Emirates, thank you (sic).”
In the thread, he said when he tweeted the first tweet about missing the watch, he had “thought all hope was lost.”
“Then, lost at sea, land appeared on the horizon -,” he quote-tweeted Emirate’s reply that the watch was found.
While Casey’s post thanking the airline was liked by tens of thousands of Twitter users, many of his followers commented that this was quite normal in Dubai. Some recollected their experiences of being helped by the airline on different occasions while some also Dubai Police for returning lost and found items to its owners from even abroad.

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