Emirates Draw: One ticket, two draws, who will win Dh100 million? – Gulf News

Seven guaranteed winners took home Dh77,777 on Sunday
Dubai: Emirates Draw conducted a live draw on Sunday night, which looked for a potential Dh100 million winner. The draw has two stages, guaranteed winners and a randomly chosen number.
Seven ticket holders are set to win Dh77,777 each – these winners were announced at the beginning of the live stream. Later, a 7-digit number was randomly chosen.
The ultimate prize will be won by the ticket holder who can match all 7 digits of the number in the exact order from right to left. This week’s winning number was 2785273 and there were no winners for the first or second prize categories.
Dh777,777 is the second prize for the ticket number that has at least 6 matching digits in the exact order from right to left. Last week’s winner of Dh777,777 was awarded his cheque during Sunday’s live stream.
There are also smaller prize amounts to be won for matching 5, 4, 3 or 2 digits with the randomly chosen number.

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