Dubai to welcome world with historic Expo 2020 opening ceremony – Gulf News

The ceremony is the culmination of 10 years of planning and preparation: Tareq Ghosheh
Dubai: A historic ceremony will take place on September 30 to mark the opening of the much-awaited Expo 2020 Dubai, culminating 10 years of the efforts of Expo team.
Speaking about the grand opening ceremony, Tareq Ghosheh, chief events and entertainment officer of Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “The Expo 2020 Dubai team promises to organise an awesome, inspiring opening ceremony that reflects the UAE’s historic achievement in bringing together the world on its land.”
“The ceremony is the culmination of 10 years of planning and preparation efforts to host the first World Expo, the most diverse ever in the 170-year history of the international event,” he stressed.
“[The design of] Al Wasl Plaza, [at] the heart of the Expo 2020 Dubai, is inspired by an archaeological masterpiece, which is a 3,000-year-old gold ring found at the archaeological site Saruq Al Hadid. Everyone knows this historical site was discovered by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and Al Wasl Square bears the name of the old Dubai, to symbolise its role since ancient times in linking people, peoples and cultures,” added Ghosheh.
He added: “The attendees will feel that the dome of Al Wasl embraces them, and the audience will interact with the performances and music in harmony with technologies that have never been seen before in the world, and it will be the ceremony of the century, and its resonance will extend throughout the world.”
Ghosheh stressed that this ceremony will send a message to the whole world, that man is capable of conquering challenges, and that we humans have no way forward but to cooperate, stand by each other to create our future. We must work to enrich human history with various forms of development and advancement.
“Starting from October 1 and for a period of six months, the world will gather and join hands to move towards building a future based on cooperation and exchange of experiences with the aim of achieving prosperity for humanity,” he concluded.
Amna Belhoul, Executive Creative Director, Entertainment and Events, Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “The opening ceremony of Dubai Expo will be an impressive one that has never been seen before. We have worked hard for four years and cooperated with the best minds in the field from the UAE, greater region and the world. Today, we are proud to say that the show embodies the ambition of the people of the UAE and the Arab world to inaugurate a new era of creative achievements.”
She added, “There will be a surprise during the entry section of the ceremony [which has to do with the] flags of the participating countries, and this may lead to the adoption of a new method of entering the flags in major events in the future. The audience will be addressed in all languages of the world, and urged to cooperate, communicate and realize the Expo slogan, ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’.”
Mounir Al Sharqawi, designer and performer of artistic performances, said: “The show will be the first of its kind in the world. I have been working since 2005 in this field and designed many shows for Arab and international artists, and won many international awards, and I can say that I feel It is with great pride that I work with (Expo 2020 Dubai) and present this impressive show, which will add a lot to my artistic career.”

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