Dubai Police’s response time to emergencies at Expo 2020 is just one minute – Gulf News

A look at the strategies of Dubai Police that makes this possible
Dubai: One minute – that’s all is what it takes for Dubai Police to respond to complaints, requests or an emergency situation at Expo 2020 Dubai.
Major General Ahmed Thani Bin Gulaitha from Dubai Police said the force has been employing the latest technologies to secure the mega event. Among other things, advanced cameras, five Smart Police Stations (SPS) as well patrols by policemen in plain clothes — have been helping the Dubai Police in achieveing its record response time.
“The response time to any complaint or request inside Expo 2020 Dubai is one minute. We are everywhere but with a different strategy,” said Maj Gen Bin Gulaitha.
The automated SPS welcomed more than 8,000 visitors during the first week of Expo 2020 Dubai to explore police services.
“Some people may think there is no visible security presence but Dubai Police has developed an advanced strategy based on Artificial Intelligence to secure the event,” he revealed.
Dubai Police did not record any complaint during the opening ceremony despite the big number of visitors, he said.
“There are many unknown soldiers who are working behind the stage and provide security to visitors at the gates and inside the event. Despite the big numbers of visitors, there has been no problems,” he said.
Maj Gen Bin Gulaitha, who works from 8am until 1pm at Expo 2020 Dubai, said he is very happy with his team that works in cooperation with other partners.
“Expo 2020 Dubai is a chance for everyone in the region not only in UAE to enjoy something spectacular,” he added.
Dubai Police has launched a main Smart Police Station (SPS) and three other walk-in stations at Expo 2020 Dubai so visitors can avail the force’s smart services without human intervention.
Thee SPS and three walk-in stations provide services related to criminal cases, traffic and community concerns, including inquiries for permits. The self-service SPS is open round the clock and offers smart services without human intervention in seven languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Chinese.
Visitors can also register a complaint through a video-conference with an officer.

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