Dubai International to close one runway for 45 days, some flights to move to DWC – Gulf News

The last time this level of work was carried out on the northern runway was in 2014
The northern runway at Dubai International Airport (DXB), the world’s busiest for international travel, will be closed for a 45-day period from May 9 to June 22 for maintenance work, operator Dubai Airports said on Tuesday.
“While regular runway maintenance is scheduled on a weekly basis, more extensive upgrades such as the one planned require a complete closure of the runway,” Dubai Airports said.
Some flights will be redirected to Dubai World Central (DWC) airport during this period.
The airport said it has notified concerned airlines in advance to plan their schedules accordingly.
The operator has also advised passengers to check with their airlines about the airport and/or terminal of arrival/departure ahead of their journeys
The last time this level of work was carried out on the northern runway was in 2014, while the southern runway underwent similar improvements in 2019.
As DXB is a dual runway operation, the hub will continue to operate throughout this period.
DXB is home to Emirates, the region’s largest carrier that has played a key role in positioning the emirate as a major global aviation hub.

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