Dubai Expo records 10 millionth visitor – Al-Monitor

The Expo 2020 Dubai reached 10 million visitors today. 
A total of 10,188,769 people have visited the landmark cultural forum as of Jan. 18. This is in addition to more than 65 million digital visitors online, the official Emirates News Agency reported today. 
The massive cultural forum began last October after being delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Entities from several Middle Eastern states are participating in the event. Egypt sent an exhibition of artifacts from its ancient Pharaonic civilization. Various Israeli government ministries also set up exhibitions in an effort to boost agriculture, energy and other forms of cooperation between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. 
Most recently at Expo 2020 Dubai, the European Union presented its initiative on a circular economy. This is a system of production and consumption that emphasizes recycling, refurbishing and reusing materials and goods. Many high-ranking female government officials also discussed increasing the participation of women in global politics, according to the Emirates News Agency. 
Expo 2020 Dubai will run until March 31. 
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