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While being a cultural extravaganza and fiesta of the future, the Dubai Expo 2020 is also a buffet of culinary delicacies. These are the best place to indulge in Dubai Expo 2020.
Why not also taste a slice of the future of dining? Travel to the year 2320 via Bompas & Parr’s immersive multi-sensory studio, the Epochal Banquet. This two-hour-long culinary experience will stir your senses using AI feats from the future. It’s also inspired by space, microbiology, artificial intelligence, and hyper-intelligence.
expo 2020 where to eat talabat
We all know Talabat and the array of international options it offers. Let the fleet of Talabat riders, delivery robots or robotic baristas delight you with food from the state-of-the-art multi-storey kitchen. Being the official Food Delivery Partner of the event, its cloud kitchen offers 30 brands and 15 different cuisines.
expo 2020 where to eat jubilee gastronomic
With the best of food arriving at the Expo, you certainly need to see their best chefs too. Check the Jubilee Gastronomy Restaurant where 26 of the world’s greatest chefs will create a signature four and nine-course menu. More so, it offers an authentic chef’s table experience. Expect this to be a bit expensive.
If there’s one place that piqued my curiosity when it comes to eating, it’s Alkebulan. Being one of the best places to eat at the Expo 2020, it’s the world’s first African dining hall, celebrating the best of food from the entire continent. It’s a culinary concept curated by award-winning chef Alexander Smalls and many top African chefs are being flown in to cook up their signature dishes, including Chef Coco.
expo 2020 where to eat rising flavours
If you’d like a real taste of Middle Eastern cuisine, this is where you need to be. As the region’s best entrepreneurs and celebrity chefs bring together 11 concepts, they showcase the range and creativity of the region’s vibrant and ever-evolving food scene. Take a look at the image above and tell me you don’t want a slice.
expo 2020 where to eat adrift burger
How good are they at cooking burgers? Well, the New York Times took a bite and said it was “the perfect burger”. Chef David Myers’ epic burger recipe has traveled from LA to Tokyo, from Singapore to Dubai. It’s a classic Venice Beach munchie vibe brought to the Expo 2020.
expo 2020 where to eat arabian tea house
The Arabian Tea Houses are one of our favorite places to visit at Expo 2020. Being one of the first traditional Emirati restaurants which opened in 1997 and are simply a cultural celebration.  It showcases Emirati cuisine to the world, prepared with grandma’s original recipes, and creates an ambiance where people can experience Emirati hospitality.
expo 2020 where to eat Hunter & Barrel
Also, here’s Hunter & Barrel, an award-winning A-list Australian resto-lounge concept. Back home, they’ve made a name for themselves with their hunt, father, and fire-inspired culinary strokes. When it comes to charcoal-grilled meats and veggies, Hunter & Barrel absolutely aces it. Pair that with barrel-aged craft beverages, you have a winning combination.
expo 2020 where to eat hanoun feras sweets
Come to the UAE and don’t enjoy some baklava? That’s a culinary sin! The Hanon Feras sweet parlor offers the finest quality Arabic sweets with different origins and world-famous foods from Middle Eastern countries. Enjoy the slice, it’s also super budget-friendly.
expo 2020 where to eat al reef bakery
For less than AED 10 (Rs 200), you can get your hands on some of the best manakish in Dubai from the legendary Lebanese bakery Al Reef and their old-world charms. Also, try the zaatar, which is a Middle Eastern thyme-and-sesame-based paste with spicy tomato, spinach, or gloriously gooey cheese varieties. Authentic Lebanese at its finest and one of the best places to eat at the Expo 2020.
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