Dubai Expo 2020: Maryam Nafees in awe of Pakistan pavilion – Geo News

Wednesday Jan 05, 2022
Pakistan Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020 has been a popular touristic hotspot in the UAE since it opened in October — not just for the public, but also for celebrities and famous figures from around the world.
Pakistani actor Maryam Nafees was among the millions of tourists who admired the beauty of the Pakistan pavilion. In her recent Instagram post, she shared all the reasons why people should visit it.
“There’s a reason our pavilion is one of the most visited ones. Rightfully so!” she captioned the series of pictures shared on the social media platform.

A post shared by مریم نفیس (@mariyam.nafees)

Highlighting the reasons, she wrote: “It’s vibrant, it has culture, and all things Pakistan. Felt amazing!”

The star actor also acknowledged the efforts of the people involved in putting up the “masterpiece.”
Nafees also shared the list of other pavilions which she liked, including Spain, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Netherlands, Japan, USA, and Saudia Arabia, among others.
Per the official website of the Dubai Expo, every participating country has been allowed to set up its own pavilion at the expo for the first time in history. 
It is pertinent to mention here that the expo started on October 1 and will continue for the next six months. 


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