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GDRFA-Dubai achieves super fast transactions thanks to full digital transformation
Dubai: The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA-Dubai) has been become one of the UAE’s fastest government departments, with some services completed in just seconds.
GDRFA-Dubai Director-General Lieutenant General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri said a rapid digital transformation drive was behind the success.
A smart application system slashed the steps for receiving identity, citizenship and passport documents from 20 steps to just one step, without need to present any hard copy of documents.
Lt Gen Al Marri said the time to complete such services dropped drastically from 30 minutes to only 35 seconds.
According to the World Competiveness Report 2020, UAE ranked first in being the fastest to issue passports – in 8:24 minutes – compared to Australia in second place with a time between 24 to 28 minutes.
Meanwhile the time for renewing passports and travel documents was reduced from 35 minutes to only seven minutes.
The figures were highlighted during a visit by Lt Gen Al Marri to GDRFA-Dubai headquarters, during which he was briefed on the stats for the past three years.
From 2019 to 2021, GDRFA-Dubai conducted over 128,000 transactions in the citizenship and identity affairs sector.
The sector accomplished 128,045 transactions related to passports and identities for Emiratis.
“The digital transformation in GDRFA-Dubai services affirms the department’s role to enhance quality of people lives by providing smart and pioneering government services,” Lt Gen Al Marri said in a statement.
GDRFA-Dubai, said the sector came first in the happiest category by reaching 97 per cent customer happiness, above its 92 per cent target.
Meanwhile the employee happiness was 96.7 per cent.
‘Mabrouk Ma Yak’ is an e-service for new-born Emiratis to obtain a birth certificate, passport, Emirates ID and add their name in the family book. The service saved customers’ time by delivering the package to homes as well as being available at all health institutes round the clock.
During the first half of this year, the department issued 1,560 transactions.
GDRFA-Dubai said all services for the public and for passports renewal requests can be done round the clock via smart applications or through the customer happiness centre at Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 (arrivals point).

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