Domino's named Expo 2020's official pizza provider – Gulf News

Pizza store to be located in the Opportunity Pavilion
Domino’s Pizza has been chosen as the official pizza provider of Expo 2020, which kicks off on October 1. 
Expo 2020 guests will be served freshly made pizzas directly from Domino’s Pizza at the Opportunity Pavilion when the doors open to the World’s Greatest Show.  
“We are delighted to partner with Expo 2020, the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East and bring our much-loved pizzas to visitors from around the world. This partnership is truly a testament to our tireless work and our ambition to be the front runners in everything we do. We look forward to participating in this momentous event and providing our Expo customers with tasty and quality food as they visit the world pavilions” says the Chief Operating Officer – Domino’s International Markets at Alamar Foods, Shobhit Tandon.
Group Chief Executive Officer at Alamar Foods, Filippo Sgattoni added: “With Domino’s being one of the most recognizable brands in the region, the highest standards are maintained in everything we do. We are proud to associate Alamar Foods and Domino’s with such a global event and have been working diligently since the announcement of our partnership with Expo in 2019. We look forward to welcoming Expo visitors at the venue.”
In partnership with Expo 2020, Alamar Foods and Domino’s Pizza will be distributing 50 Expo 2020 tickets every day to customers from any Domino’s Pizza store in the UAE, all the way until the end of Expo, on March 31, 2022.

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