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It is one of the first UAE private sector company to implement the new working week
It is one of the first UAE private sector company to implement the new working week aligning with the UAE government's employee-centric vision. 
Capital Tap Holding announces a four-and-a-half day working week with Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday forming the new weekend for their employees, following suit in conjunction with the UAE government’s vision effective from January 3, 2022.
The new working week will better align Capital Tap Holding’s vision with the UAE government and global markets, reflecting the organization’s focus on its heart and soul, i.e., its employees! We believe the new workweek will boost work-life balance and enhance social wellbeing while increasing performance to scale the ladder of excellence.
“This will further strengthen our vision of being an employer of choice in attracting and retaining the brightest talents in the region,” says Islam Abdalla, Chief Operating Officer of Capital Tap Holding.
Capital Tap Holding manages operations for over 50+ entities across ten countries in the EMEA and Asia region, with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. The group provides strategic direction and corporate support to its business units and subsidiaries that work in a wide scale of industries.
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