Book on India's battle with Covid-19 crisis launched in Expo 2020 – WAM EN

Sat 26-02-2022 23:28 PM
DUBAI, 26th February, 2022 (WAM) — India Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai yesterday saw the release of "A Nation to Protect: Leading India Through the COVID Crisis" in the UAE — a book by Ms. Priyam Gandhi-Mody, which describes India’s battle with the pandemic and its emergence from the deadly crisis under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
While unveiling the book, Sunjay Sudhir, Indian Ambassador to the UAE, said, "This book is of immense significance, and it is the story of India that the world ought to know."
"India has done pretty well despite many challenges as there was a very clearheaded leadership which really worked its way and found solutions relevant to the socio-economic context," he added.
Talking about India’s efforts to fight the pandemic, he said, "India’s vaccination drive has been the fastest in the world to achieve 1 billion doses and that too within mere 279 days. We have also undertaken very successful vaccination diplomacy. Despite all constraints, India also remained very steadfast in its commitments to the world by becoming a credible and responsible alternative for global supply chain and responding to the requests of other counties in terms of medicines, vaccines and other amenities."
Sharing her inspiration behind the book, Priyam Gandhi-Mody said, "The Prime Minister led the country so strongly that people followed his directives by placing trust in his decision which strengthened India’s position in the world.


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