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As the world's largest cultural event, Expo 2020 Dubai, draws to a close on March 31, 2022, Team Barbados is gearing up to celebrate and showcase the best that the jurisdiction has to offer at the Barbados National Day of significance on Saturday, March 26.
A delegation led by Prime Minister, the Hon. Mia Amor Mottley, M.P., Q.C., comprising senior government officials, private sector executives, service providers, and cultural practitioners, will be visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to celebrate and participate in the Barbados National Day. During the delegation's visit, a number of high-level outreach meetings and events have also been scheduled for the UAE, specifically in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, targeting both the local and international business community.
In what is earmarked to be a spectacle, a momentous occasion and one of many firsts for Barbados in the UAE, the local team will have an opportunity to highlight the nation's several talents. The Barbados National Day's activities will comprise a Climate Crisis Youth Forum, hosted by Prime Minister Mottley; a Culinary Pod, featuring local expert chef Trevon Stoute, who will tantalise taste buds with 'A Taste of Barbados'; an Official Ceremony and Folklore Performance and, to culminate the evening, a Concert featuring some of Barbados' most talented and popular artistes spanning a spectra of music genres. Prime Minister Mottley will also deliver the feature address at the Official Ceremony.
Although the Expo officially commenced six months ago on October 1, 2021, planning for Barbados' participation in the event began from as early as 2019. With a pavilion themed, 'Innovation and Transformation… from Sugarcane to Blockchain' and located in the Mobility District, Barbados is among the 191 participating countries that benefitted from considerable global exposure. In addition to exposure via media and other public relations channels, Barbados' Pavilion received more than 250,000 visitors throughout the six months from countries including India, Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia, Russia, Germany, Italy, UK, Canada, and several African nations. As a result of this exposure, including the featuring of Barbados' wide range of businesses, practitioners and artistes, the nation's participation in Expo 2020 Dubai is expected to further deepen trade and investment relations with the UAE, which has a population of over nine million.
Diplomatic ties between Barbados and the UAE were established since 1996. Subsequently, a Double Taxation Agreement became in force, as well as Barbados' recent establishment of an Embassy in Abu Dhabi, with H.E. Gabriel Abed as Barbados' Ambassador to the UAE. The official opening of the Embassy is scheduled to take place during the delegation's visit to the UAE.
All Barbadians and friends of Barbados are invited to view the historic National Day Ceremony, which commences at 8:00 a.m. EST on March 26 via Expo TV.
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