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With the grand opening of Expo 2020 Dubai, the world is keenly looking forward to visit this extravaganza and marvel at its many wonders.While the expected 25 million visitors are starting to trickle down to the Expo, licenced products are available for purchase on Amazon.
As the host of the Official Online Store of Expo 2020 Dubai, Amazon will offer a range of licenced products that will include toys, souvenirs, fashion, beauty, food, collectibles, and so on for people of all age groups.
The products will feature the unique Expo 2020 logos, and colour themes and sub-themes across the many paraphernalia, as well as depictions such as the Expo mascots.
As you head over to Amazon to bring home a piece of the Expo 2020 Dubai, here are some of my top picks and Amazon bestsellers.
This yellow, customisable passport that comes with its own enhanced security features including a unique number, an area to include a passport-sized photo, personal details and hidden watermarked images on each of its pages, ensuring that no two documents are alike
The 50-page booklet contains designs and pictures of the three Thematic Pavilions, Al Wasl Plaza and other Dubai landmarks and pays homage to the nation’s Founding Father with a special gold foil stamp celebrating the nation’s Golden Jubilee year. You can use this ‘passport’ to ‘travel’ around the world at Expo 2020 and create your own adventure by collecting stamps from participating pavilions. A word of advice, though. This is not a formal travel document and neither a ticket to the Expo, but a souvenir.
This wristband is going to be the trend of the season! It is available in three colours – blue, green and orange – representing the three colours of the Expo sub-themes – Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity. The unisex, elastic wristband is suited for all ages.
The Expo’s official mascot, Latifa is sweet-looking, soft toy for little ones to lay with. The doll is easy to wash and maintain.
This souvenir is unique – a 5g 999 fine silver foil. It is made and shipped from New Zealand and is of a limited edition. This is also available in 1g gold foil.
Weighing 40g, these 999 fine silver coins feature the Expo 2020 Dubai logo on one side with the name written in either Arabic, or English. The flip side the UAE Emblem and name in English as well as its denominational value of Dh50. It comes packaged in a high-quality coin case and is an ideal souvenir to gift, especially for those travelling.
An obvious choice of souvenir is a t-shirt, and the Expo is no exception. Available in multiple prints of the Expo logo and colour themes, as well as for different age groups including women, children and men, the range of t-shirts is a great pick. Fabrics made of cotton, lycra, and also sustainable materials using recycled plastic bottles, this range is varied and ideal for this region’s weather.


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