Al Ameen Service spreads awareness among visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai – Gulf News

Platform provides safe and confidential communication channels to callers
Dubai: The Al Ameen Service platform at Expo 2020 Dubai welcomed many visitors as part of its role to increase awareness among the public about their part in securing the society.
Al Ameen Service of the State Security Department in Dubai recruited Emirati volunteers to communicate with visitors at Expo 2020 Dubai and explain the service goals and responsibilities as well as the important role that community members play in ensuring the country’s security.
The well-trained volunteers said the Al Ameen Service name attracted many visitors, especially tourists, at the mega event. “The main target of participating in Expo 2020 Dubai is to be close to community members. Also, it is a great chance to increase the confidence level among community members and promote safety among the public,” said one of the volunteers.
The service aims at resolving problems faced by tourists and residents in Dubai, providing them with a direct and confidential channel of communication.
“Al Ameen Service is available round the clock through different channels. The service wants to build strong bonds with community members,” the volunteer added.
The public can access Al Ameen Service through social media on @alameenservice, as well as through the toll-free number 8004444 or by sending an SMS to 4444. Additionally, the service has a smart application for smartphones. This service has provided safe and confidential communication channels to community members in Dubai since its launch in 2003.
“Community members cooperating with Al Ameen Service are aware of the important role the service plays in providing security to victims of online extortions, to name just one,” the volunteer added.
Having a platform at Expo 2020 Dubai helped open direct channels of communication between Al Ameen Service and tourists, which in turn helped increase the sense of security and safety. Al Ameen volunteers said the service provides the public an opportunity to play a part in securing the country.
In the last three years, Al Ameen Service has received around 60,000 calls regarding security alerts. More than 20,000 of these calls were received in 2020 alone.
Al Ameen Service has organised various awareness lectures at schools and among communities in Dubai during the recent years that helped enhance the bond between different segments of society and the State Security Department.

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