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60 Day Startups (60DS), launched as UAE’s first community-led female only business accelerator, is mentoring and supporting its third and largest cohort till date consisting of 15 startups led by a group of multi-cultural, passionate, energetic, and inspiring women keen to fuel their dreams and scale up.
With an industry agnostic approach, the third cohort comprises entrepreneurs, students, mothers, and working women who are building ventures in niche industries such as sustainable everyday products, websites built for pet owners, mental and spiritual health, femtech, edtech, food, beauty, and beyond. During the first two cohorts, 60DS has enabled 12 female-led startups towards acquiring their first customers.
60DS was set up with the intent to create a sustainable and supportive community of female entrepreneurs to generate revenue in 60 days. The team that works behind 60DS has been through the same difficulties that first-time female founders are facing today: whether it is systemic gender and racial inequality, lack of access to funds (which is why they focus on revenue over investment), or simply not having the right guidance to start up. To be able to give back to the community in a rewarding manner and watch the founders thrive in the ecosystem is the program’s ultimate goal. What began as a simple plan mapped out on a piece of paper has blossomed into an organization that shoots out several revenue-generating startups from every cohort supported by a remarkable team of mentors and fellows that run the program.
Commenting on the program, founder Nida Sumar says, “We have a truly unique program in that we have no external funding yet have accelerated 12 startups in one year. We are completely community-driven, and we’re bringing tangible impact by helping build sustainable, scalable businesses and supporting women in becoming financially independent through a revenue-first approach.”
Besides launching the 60DS program, Sumar is the owner of The Table Project and is one of the first female CFA holders in the UAE region with more than 18 years of experience within the world of corporate and finance.
Result-oriented in structure the 60DS accelerator program consists of multiple modules and community sessions to address the pulse points of venturing into and expanding a business. Mentors that include successful entrepreneurs and senior executives from companies such as Procter & Gamble, Google, In5, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Pitfire Pizza, and many more, also deep dive into licensing options for startups, social media strategies, and financial modelling to create the foundations for first-time founders. The program not only offers first-time female founders the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of eclectic and experienced individuals from the industry, but also become part of a widening network of changemakers of the future.
60DS is already preparing to launch its fourth cohort in August 2022.
by Mita Srinivasan
by Mita Srinivasan
by Mita Srinivasan
by Mita Srinivasan
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